First impressions can make all the difference to clinching that deal. Most of us have an on line profile image somewhere that may not even get you to first base, so it may be time to pucker up for the camera and make sure that your on line profile picture does you and your business justice.

Here are a few of my top hints to help you decide if you need to update…

– Has your photo been taken recently? If it’s more than 3 years there’s a big chance you have changed a bit since. 

– Does it look anything like you? Is the image clear and well lit? Your prospective client wants to be able to recognise you from your picture so you can be greeted and introduced without any awkwardness. 

– Does your image represent the business you are offering? Your customers want to relate to the person running the show and if you look too moody, sexy or silly then maybe it’s not helping you to be taken seriously.

– Most importantly, does your portrait make you proud? Do you enjoy showing people your image?

My portrait sessions last up to an hour and include an image of your choice from the shoot. I’m as relaxed as you want to be so if you think you hate having your photo taken then maybe you haven’t done it with me yet. Editing and retouching required are included in the price of a session.