The last thing you expect when you get your wedding photos back is a spoilt image, or maybe you weren’t looking the way you expected. Perhaps the shot is too dark, or the colours are all wrong. Maybe you were so worked up the night before, you didn’t sleep well, and you have bags under your eyes. All is not lost! Don’t let a bad photo or two ruin your memory of the big day. Photomachine can fix those bad wedding photos!

Some of the things we can fix are:

  • Photos too dark
  • Photos too light
  • Photos flat and dull
  • Skin blemishes
  • Scratches
  • Red eye
  • Someone not in the photo who should be
  • Someone in the photo who shouldn’t be
  • Colour problems
  • Makeup problems

All of these things can be fixed from just £7.50 per image!